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Previews & Predictions for Restaurant Startup: Too Hot to Handle

Tonight’s episode of Restaurant Startup features two concepts from Miami, and once again, Joe Bastianich, and Tim Love. What happened to Elizabeth Blau? Was that just an experiment? A temporary thing?

The first group team we’ll meet consists of Robyn Almodovar and Stefani Olshan, business and life partners, who are seeking $200,000 for a 45% stake in S&R Eatery, a restaurant they’re hoping to launch in San Diego. If you watch a lot of cooking shows, you may recognize Robyn. She’s won both Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen, and has appeared on Hell’s Kitchen. Currently, they operate a food truck in Miami called Palate Party, which was named best food truck in South Florida in 2013.

Joe and Tim try the food and to be honest, it looks weird. They blow up this odd-looking mozzarella ball for one of their dishes and according to Tim and Joe it tastes pretty much as bizarre as it looks. I can also already see the problem with their business plan (or the problem the investors might have). They already have a successful concept. Why are they looking to change it so dramatically? Plus, Robyn is clearly the star here. Stefani doesn’t even know that much about the menu.

Next, we meet Jeremiah Bullfrog (I cannot imagine this last name is real, but if it is, WAY TO GO, Jeremiah’s parents!) and his wife Carla who own gastroPod in Miami. They run a successful food truck and recently opened a second location in a mall in the super cool Wynwood Arts District. They have a third location in the works already, but the problem is that by the time they got the second one open they had run out of money. They’re seeking $250,000 for 30% equity in the new spot.

The food is outstanding, plus they have a proven concept. They’re only trying to duplicate what’s already working. Jeremiah mentions that he has a temper and that he used to throw things sometimes, but that now, he’s very well behaved and professional. The choice seems obvious to me. I’m trying to figure out where they’re going to create any sort of story arc for this, but they don’t actually have to; it’s only the first few minutes of the show. Watch the preview below:




The internet feels differently than I do. On the “Battle of the Pitches” section of the website, where CNBC polls the internet to find out who they think should get $7,500 and a shot at an investment S&R is beating gastroPod 67%-33%.

I’m not sure this matters. I still think they’ll pick gastroPod. As we’ve seen before, “Battle of the Pitches” is indicative of nothing.

See you tomorrow with a recap!

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