Prince Dines and Dashes at Michael White’s Costata; This Song Makes So Much Sense Now

In what feels like a new segment of “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories” from The Chapelle Show, angry line cooks are on the hunt for Prince after His Purpleness dined and dashed at Michael White’s Costata.

The New York Post heard that last Thursday, Prince, in “an afro and a pimp cane,” had dinner with his entourage at the famous Italian restaurant. Prince did not consume normal human food, of course, but instead supped upon “royal blushes.” Prince did not carry normal human money, either, because this happened:

He handed the check to his security guard, who then called the restaurant manager over, saying somehow Prince’s management forgot to give them cash. Sources said the guard left his number and said he would be in touch the next day to pay up. No word yet if that happened.

A representative confirmed the story to Grub Street, adding that they were “still waiting” for Prince to come back from his spiritual bath in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, or whatever beautiful unicorn dimension Prince disappeared into.

On a separate note, Prince’s recent single seems to be the thesis statement for his life choices:

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