Korean Megastar PSY Visited Michael White For Lunch Yesterday

Yesterday, Korean rap megastar PSY visited Michael White at Ai Fiori for lunch. This is not a lie. See? That up there is photographic evidence, courtesy of the Altamarea Group’s Olivia Young.

We would like to think that Gangnam Style played over and over in the background as he ate, with waiters screaming at hostesses’ butts, Michael White horse-dancing around the kitchen, and trofie nero flying in a blizzard around PSY, who catches the butter-poached seafood in his mouth. Then Anthony Bourdain pulls up in his Camaro wearing a highlighter-yellow suit, Jean-Georges Vongerichten emerges from an elevator thrusting his hips, Marcus Samuelsson glares at everyone from the hot tub that’s suddenly appeared in the corner of the dining room, and Eddie Huang starts screaming at the butts of some Michelin Inspectors. The entire restaurant soon floods with fog and crisscrossing neon lights, everyone is enthralled in the magic of dance, and the world, for one truly glorious moment, experiences peace.

Really, though, all PSY did was eat trofie nero and take a picture. No doubt, however, that this exact scenario played through everyone’s heads during lunch yesterday.

[h/t Eater NY]

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