WATCH: ?uestlove And Mario Batali Smoke Out The Chew Studio

The Roots drummer and Jimmy Fallon sidekick ?uestlove stopped by The Chew today to show off a kimchi short rib sandwich with Mario Batali while hand-delivering his Love’s Drumsticks to the hosts. You may remember ?uest from such fried chicken challenges as The Great David Chang vs ?uestlove Fried Chicken Battle of 2012. He’s now kicking off his own catering company called Quest Loves Food.

He chatted with The Chew about the new venture and how the late-night musician lifestyle got him interested in food in the first place. Mario clearly demonstrated a lack of faith in his guest, asking him both if he knew how to use a microplane and a mandolin. Uh, not rocket science, Batali. We know you’re the smarty-pants and all.

Michael Symon benevolently offered to teach ?uestlove how to operate the microplane, if he promised to show Michael how to use the pick tucked into his ‘fro.

“I brought that for Carla,” he replied. Snap.

Check out the clip of him cooking (and subsequently smoking out the studio to the point where Michael had to evacuate his seat) below.

When they came back from break, The Chew crew revealed a specially crafted drum set made out of pots and pans (with wooden spoon sticks, of course) just for ?uest to play. He obliged.

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