WATCH: Rachael Ray Breaks A Cake Stand, Buddy Valastro Wonders Why He Even Bothers

Look: we all know — and none of us better than Cake Boss Buddy Valastro — that Rachael Ray is not a baker. She is not a chef or a patissier; basically, her empire is built upon her ability to cook a mean dinner, and she freely admits that! So, to set Rachael at ease on today’s episode of her talk show, themed “Casual Friday,” Buddy brought her a no-bake cake recipe. Well, sort of. It actually does involve a baked component, but Buddy baked it for her. Presumably you can use a box layer cake mix to accomplish the same thing.

Anyway, Buddy demoed an almost no-bake ice cream cake recipe, which you would think Rachael could handle without breaking the cake stand. But you would be wrong. Because she did break her cake stand. She also sloppily sliced her layer cake (no judgment from us on that one; it’s the same method as slicing a bagel, and we suck at that, too), snapped her ice cream layer in half (ring molds with frozen stuff inside are tricky!), and ran out of whipped cream frosting, despite having exactly the same amount as Buddy.

Luckily, Buddy swooped in to take over Rachael’s stand and demonstrate how easy it is to fix all these cake fails! (Crumb topping everywhere.)

Check out the clip below to watch Rachael’s self-proclaimed Lucille Ball-esque baking prowess, plus some scoop from Buddy on how his mom is doing post-ALS diagnosis.

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