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WATCH: Rachael Ray And Curtis Stone Make Foods Make Out With Each Other

Rachael Ray had Around the World in 80 Plates host Curtis Stone on her talk show to recreate an international cooking challenge, and apparently, playing with your food is okay in Rachael’s book (although Curtis barely holds his tongue when Rachael claims it’s okay to make a mess while cooking). Plenty of ladies out there used to force their Barbies to make out with each other in a pre-pubescent, slightly confused sexual frenzy…or at least we used to back in the day before kids learned about sex from the internet. Anyway. Rachael Ray opts, instead, to force foods to make out with each other. While normal chefs use phrases like “melding flavors,” Rachael very technically explains how using starchy pasta water in a sauce “makes the sauce make out with the spaghetti.” Pesto sauce and gremolata sauce also make out in this clip to make a sauce baby. Note: Not how babies are actually made, kids.

Curtis, with some uncertainty, agrees, “…Sexy.”

See the clip below to watch Curtis top off the dish “with a drizzle of Rachael” and other unnecessary sexual innuendos.

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