WATCH: Rachael Ray Interviews Bo (And Michelle Obama) In White House Garden

It’s hard to make fun of First Lady Michelle Obama, who is slowly evolving into a beloved hybrid of Martha Stewart and Beyonce. Even when Rachael Ray smiles her way into the White House Kitchen Garden and they skip through the lettuce patch together, oohing over snap peas and discussing Obama’s new book American Grown, you can’t help but think that the entire event is full of gravitas and authority. “Yes, Rachael Ray,” you nod, “Mrs. Obama is right. We do need to focus on improving childhood nutrition in America.”

So instead, we’re going to focus on Rachael Ray’s obsession with the First Family’s dog, Bo.

During a segment of the interview where Michelle and Rachael make dipping sauces for grilled vegetables (and both agree that the television audience doesn’t need to be taught how to grill vegetables, because duh), Rachael has a brilliant idea for the plastic bears used to store the White House honey. “Instead of the White House bear, we should have a honey-filled Bo. Isn’t that cute?”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea!” Michelle said, then asked how Rachael’s interview with Bo went:

“Whoa!” you might say. “Rachael interviewed a DOG?  The CUTEST DOG in the NATION? That’s either stupendously frivolous, or friggin’ adorable! I don’t know what to think anymore.

The extended interview will help you resolve your conflicted feelings by bombarding you with Cute.

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