WATCH: Rachael Ray Fails Miserably At Milking Adorable Goats

The Fabulous Beekman Boys joined The Rachael Ray Show today for a comical segment she calls, “If I Wasn’t Rachael Ray.” Apparently RR fans are so enraptured with her life, they constantly ask what she’d be doing with it if she wasn’t THE Rachael Ray. Today’s What-Might-Have-Been dream: goat farmer.

Yes, Rachael, who grew up in the Adirondacks, has evidently always wanted to be a goat farmer. So the Fabulous Beekman Boys brought their equally fabulous goats (named Winged Victory and Painted Pony… take THAT Big Gay Ice Cream unicorns) onto the show to be milked by Yum-o the Clown herself. They later made cheese with the milk (which turns out to be wicked easy), but Rachael’s future in goat farming looks grim. See below.

PS. How is it possible that goats are this cute?

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