WATCH: Rachael Ray Drops a ‘D*ckwad’ Bomb on Jimmy Kimmel Live

We looove it when Rachael Ray gets feisty and cursey. See: the 2012 New York Wine and Food Festival roast of Anthony Bourdain. Apparently, when Tom Hanks preceded her as the guest on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, he was something of a bad influence. She’s quoting an earlier rant, but she, for sure, drops a bleeped “dickwad” reference herself, and with her bronzed cleavage firmly in place, we’re off to the races.

Fun fact: Rachael is also trying to get into The Vine, in an effort to appeal to a younger audience base, who finds 30-minute meals passé. She’s not terrible at it, considering she’s hurling ingredients around a room.

Check out her two-part appearance below.

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