WATCH: Rachael Ray Makes Mario Batali Dance On The Chew

She arrived bearing fire-cracker deviled corndogs (apparently defined as corndogs where the batter tastes like deviled eggs…?) but, somehow, Rachael Ray managed to charm Mario Batali anyway. She stopped by The Chew today to demo some burgers out of her new Book of Burger (yeah, that’s still happening), but thought perhaps it would be best to arrive with a gift in hand.

“Oh, they taste even better than that!” Mario (sarcastically?) replied when she over-excitedly explained her deviled egg-flavored batter, setting the scene for Rachael and Mario’s romantic (?) interlude. There was hand-feeding of potato salad, dirty talk with “buttery chuck,” and even a dance! In conclusion, this is a wining and dining we never needed to see, especially after having seen these. The only thing saving our eyes in this segment is Rachael’s legitimately delicious-looking chipotle and adobo puree-seasoned burger with cheddar, bacon, and homemade barbecue sauce.

Mario, stop flirting. We know you’re kidding. But still. That dance is total GIF of the Day fodder, though. You’re welcome, guys.

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