WATCH: Rachael Ray Berates Carnie Wilson, Diffuses The Biggest Bechamel Disaster Of All Time

For all the snarking we do about Rachael Ray not being a serious cook, she can spot a bechamel disaster muffin-ing out of control from a mile away, and isn’t afraid to scold such A-Listers as Carnie Wilson for a messy station.

Last night’s Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off was the semi-final round in which two chefs were going home, and Carnie provided the obligatory drama by freaking out about production not giving her neither the right onions nor potato peeler. Rachael swiftly came down on her for “not listening” when she refused to organize her prep, per her mentor’s advice.

Then, Rachael not-so-patiently explained to Kathy Najimy why her bechamel was slowly turning into biscuits. Final takeaway: celebrities do not a great understanding of the mother sauces.

Check out the clip below.

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