WATCH: Rachel Maddow Teaches Jimmy Fallon a Surprising Amount About Martinis

We know she is technically neither a chef, nor a mixologist, nor a celebrity farmer. But we are the red-headed femivore hell-spawn of These Guys, and it’s Friday, so please indulge us in a little Gratuitous Morning Maddow. Please? GREAT.

Cocktail purist Rachel Maddow stopped by Jimmy Fallon last night to usher the host into a new era of being The Man (ie., owning late night TV as the upcoming host of The Tonight Show) by demonstrating how to mix a proper martini. In our Gratuitous Maddow defense (again/some more), she is super knowledgable. For example, she teaches us things like: that a brave and honest and courageous and true martini does not contain vodka; white vermouth GOES BAD, YOU SIMPLETONS; and for the love of god, do not jostle the ice too much.

Check out the demo below now. Impress your banker friends later.

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