Racist Couple Who Will ‘Only Tip Citizens’ Gets Banned From Restaurant

We’ve all heard horror stories of bad tippers. Here’s one from Harrisonburg where the customers don’t just leave without tipping, they’re also racist about it. On Monday, Sadie Elledge served a couple gyros, sodas, and a salad at local restaurant Jess’ Lunch. Elledge immediately realized something was off. She told the local news, “They wouldn’t talk to me. They would just nod their heads.’

When they got their bill for $26.11, on the tip line the woman wrote “We only tip citizens,” and left the restaurant. It’s all caught on camera:

Not that it’s important, but Elledge actually is a citizen. She told the news, “I was born here but I’m Mexican and Honduran.” Jess’s lunch, however, is immigrant created and owned. Angeliki Floros the owner said, “Coward is the word to describe what they did. I have worse words to use. But let’s go with coward.”

While Elledge says she would serve the couple again, Floros is taking a harsher approach. She says, “I would like for them to not come here unless they regret what they did.”

[image via screen grab]

[H/T Grub Street, WHSV 3]

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