comScore Ramps Ice Cream WE NEED IT NOW

Ramps Ice Cream Ramps Ice Cream Ramps Ice Cream: WE NEED IT NOW

Stop it — these ramps have just won everything.

Because we can never get enough of foods wanting to be ramps (yeah, did you know we had a thing for ramps?), we are totally digging this new flavor of ice cream from Milkmade Ice Cream. The ice cream subscription (also: WHAT? How did we not know this magic existed?) announced the not-so-new flavor on Instagram, reports Gothamist, while noting that they first served it way before ramps were a thing:

If you’re like us, ramps are taking over your IG feed. But have you seen any Ramp Ice Cream??? We think not. Bc we’re only ones wild enough to make it. Our Ramp Ice Cream debuted as an add-on Flavor in May 2011. Who remembers it??

So, uh, what exactly are you waiting for? Did you not hear us? RAMPS ICE CREAM. Milkmade, you just won the Internet. And our tastebuds.

[Gothamist, Instagram]

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