WATCH: Bonus Footage From Rebel Eats, In Which Justin Warner Leaves Room For Dessert

Tragically missing from Justin Warner’s already jam-packed Food Network special Rebel Eats was dessert. We initially chalked this up to the Men Eat Meat, Not Sweets syndrome that pervades food media, but it turns out he did leave room for dessert, after all. It just didn’t make the final episode cut.

Justin stopped by the Ultimate Ice Cream Co. in Asheville, NC for several samples before finally ordering two scoops of Brown-Sugar-Bacon-Maple-flavored ice cream. (Annnd there’s your dudefood.) Check out the clip below for Justin’s dissertation on the three different types of ice cream eaters, along with an interaction with a child that will probably get you pregnant just from watching.

[FN Dish]

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