Rejected Ideas For Themes At Grant Achatz’s Next Include ‘Spaceship 2300’

Back in October, Nick Kokonas put a call out on Facebook for ideas for the 2013 menu for Next and got nearly 800 suggestions. While many of them were good ones, and while they ultimately chose three (The Hunt, something vegan, and the Bocuse d’Or), some of the themes just couldn’t work.

“The strangest ones are the ones that say something like: Spaceship 2300,” Kokonas told recently, probably rolling his eyes. “I mean, that’s not really a culinary exploration.”

Um, hello? Star Trek. Ever heard of boldly going where no man has gone before? Gene Roddenberry called. He wants his balls back.

Jokes aside, apart from a bevy of amazing suggestions (and a surprising demand for Indian food) there were some really strange, rejected ideas. We culled the page for some of the weirder ones, and it’s surprising, frankly, how many people suggested The Last Supper. (It’s bread and wine, people. It doesn’t get much more conceptual than that, unless you’re actually eating the body of a man named Jesus.)

Other odd suggestions included:

How many of these are serious? We hesitate to even ask.


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