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Rene Redzepi Imagines The Culinary World In The Year 2137

Warm up the Delorean; we’re going back to the future with Rene Redzepi. And where we’re going, we don’t need emulsifiers.

The International Herald Tribute recently rounded up a bunch of leading experts to ask where they thought their field was heading in the next 125 years. Naturally, they chose Rene Redzepi to talk about food, probably because he’s helmed the World’s Best Restaurant the last three years running. So how does Rene envision the world in the year 2137? In a man vs. machine battle for our gastronomic hearts and souls, of course. Like all dystopian futures, machines will have taken over in the kitchens of 85% of restaurants. The vast shift towards this trend begins in the year 2020, when a robot wins MasterChef Worldwide. (Hopefully still hosted by Gordon Ramsay?)

Here’s what the Katniss Everdeens of the human chef world are plotting, though, in Rene’s sci-fi fantasy:

“Protesters strenuously insisted that the main objective of cooking — deliciousness — had been lost and that cold mechanized precision was replacing intuition. But evidence of a growing human resistance movement was brewing. Apostles of the locavore movement that pervaded cooking at the turn of the millennium have reappeared, propagating the concept of championing small producers, local farmers and self-sustainability. Their conceit is simple: Human hands should feed human mouths.”

Is someone optioning this for Bravo’s first Emmy award-winning mini-series set in the future? Because they should.

You can check out Rene’s whole dream sequence here.

[New York Times]

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