Rene Redzepi Invited a Food Writer to His Christmas Table Last Year, Anything You Do by Comparison Is Grinchy


We spend most days in a Twitter haze of chefs, critics, media personalities, and other journalists trashing food writers. So it buzzed our Christmas spirits to read about how, last year, a Saveur staffer who had previously met Rene Redzepi once, emailed him to let him know she had planned a holiday trip to Copenhagen for a Noma pilgrimage. Can’t wait, super excited, etc, etc. He responded with an invite to feast at his own family’s holiday table. Writes Gabriella Gershenson for the Wall Street Journal:

“When I arrived at the apartment, there was René, casually dressed in a button-down shirt and jeans, glass of wine in hand. With a warm ‘Welcome!’ he led me to the dining room, where we took our places at a long table set with hand-thrown ceramics and crystal stemware. There were 16 of us in all. I sat next to René’s twin brother, Kenneth, who’d brought his dog, Ludo, and across from Nadine’s brother, Marcus, who wore a light-up bowtie. Suddenly, I heard a familiar tune: ‘Gangnam Style.’ René cranked up the volume, and Marcus got up and started to do the famous galloping dance move with 4-year-old Arwen while the rest of us cheered. The party had officially started.”

Sweet Baby Jesus Lying in a Manger, Rene Redzepi is the actual best. You can read the rest of her Christmas with the Redzepis here, recipes included.

[Wall Street Journal]

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