Who Wants To Go To Food Camp With Rene Redzepi?

Chef/owner of now twice-named World’s Best Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen Rene Redzepi is hosting his second annual MAD Symposium next weekend and it sounds altogether better organized than some recent food festivals that come to mind. But that’s because it’s more like summer camp than a festival. And we want to go to camp with Rene Redzepi about as much as we want to see more fancy s’mores on dessert menus. Which is a lot.

This year’s MAD theme is “appetite,” which the farmers, scholars, and chefs attending will discuss at length until they achieve some great culinary understanding. Then, they’ll probably eat all of each other’s foods.

Us non-chef/farmer/scholars can purchase a ticket to the symposium for a cool $350, which includes breakfast and lunch for both days. You know, if you’re hanging around Copenhagen with nothing to do. Bonus: Ferran Adria, Massimo Bottura, and Fergus Henderson are all speaking and cooking at the event, along with Rene.

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