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Rene Redzepi Is Actually Testing Noma Dishes With Live Ants

(Photo: Carl Reinholdtzon Belfrage)

Remember the time Rene Redzepi sounded disconcertingly serious about trying to incorporate live ants into his Noma menu? Unfortunately, he’s figured it out. After gushing about how tasty they were (and insisting that they offered a burst of “kafir lime flavor”), Redzepi is officially testing dishes with live ants and yogurt. Oh, duh! The reason nobody’s eating delicious lime-flavored ants yet is because we haven’t found the right ingredient to pair them with!

According to Carl Reinholdtzon Belfrage, a Swedish food writer friend of David Rosengarten, who was present at the taste testing, “Rene told us that he likes the acidity that comes from the ant, almost citrus-like, especially in combination with fresh, natural yogurt.”

We don’t doubt that they’re tasty, Rene. Whatever you say, forager dude with the number one restaurant in the world. You can feed us all the tree bark you want. What we’re struggling with is the idea of putting real, live, still-crawling, teeny tiny creepy crawlies in our mouths. Can we at least have them plated such that we can stir them around in the yogurt and sufficiently drown/dismember them before we introduce them into our mouths??? Shudder. (But you know, shuddering in the non-snobby, open-minded way…We’re trying!)

[h/t GrubStreet via DRosengarten]

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