Report: ABC May Be Canceling The Taste (Finally)

Frankly, we’re amazed it even lasted this long?

According to some rumormongering new reports, not even a star like Anthony Bourdain can save ABC’s fledgling cooking competition show The Taste. The Daily Mail reports that after three seasons, The Taste won’t be producing a fourth; in fact, the staff have been told to go ahead and look for other jobs already. So far, ABC has not yet commented on the rumored cancellation.

Somehow, the Daily Mail is pinning this flop of three seasons for simply being boring, as the series began to “hemorrhaging viewers.” Perhaps a drug scandal on behalf of Nigella Lawson wasn’t enough to keep her interesting? From the Daily Mail:

A source told The Mail on Sunday, “… it’s over. It had a good run and Nigella is definitely better known in America now than she was before, but the show was haemorrhaging viewers.”

… As its star and executive producer, the Domestic Goddess earned a reported £150,000 an episode.

Critics warmed to Nigella’s “polish and humour” but branded the show “boring.”

The first season garnered about 5.8 million viewers, but this last season dropped to about half that total, to 2.7 million viewers. Oh yeah, and it was nominated for an Emmy, but that doesn’t mean much these days.

But the real question is — what about those very permanent Taste tattoos Ludo Lefebvre and Bourdain just got inked on their bodies? #awkward

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