Restaurant Impossible Owner Refuses To Pay Webmaster, So He Only Publishes Bad Yelp Reviews

Let the record show: we love it when the nerds win. Owner of The Italian Village in Milmont Park, PA already had his restaurant overhauled by Chef Robert Irvine for an episode of Restaurant Impossible, but, apparently, the food and service hadn’t gotten much better. It was still getting terrible reviews on Yelp, Yahoo, and Google.

And, when the owner quit paying his restaurant’s webmaster altogether, revenge of the nerds came into full effect. The webmaster replaced the entire resto website with its multitudes of scathing customer reviews.

Customers complain about everything from the “play dough”-esque pasta to the terrible sauce, to the staff taking 15 minutes to get “shake cheese” to the table. (We don’t know who’s classier: the restaurant or its patrons.) Oh, and also the accordion player in the restaurant only knows “Happy Birthday,” “Irish Eyes,” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and will likely ridicule you if you request anything else. So there’s that.

Point: web guy.


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