Restaurant Owner Trolls Patrons by Saying he Requires Doctors Notes From Gluten-Free Customers

Gluten allergies are serious, if you have them. Today, though, pretty much everyone has adopted a gluten-free diet, because it’s trendy, even though a ton of people don’t even know what gluten actually is.

One restaurant owner is taking a stand against this trend. The owner of White Moose Café in Dublin announced on his Facebook page over the weekend that without a doctor’s note, your dietary restrictions, real or fake, would not be honored:

Obviously, people got upset. One commenter took offense on behalf of his wife, who has Celiac disease.

The owner didn’t seem to care, writing “Hang on. My violin is around here somewhere.”

He continued to troll his customers by offering “free bandages for anyone whose feelings have been hurt over the past day or two,” noting that “the bandages come in different sizes depending on how much of a f*cking idiot you are.”

Then, he reminded everyone just how “serious” he is.

Nicely done, White Moose Café.

[H/T Eater]

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