Restaurant Plays Crappy Yelp Reviews Over Speakers In Bathroom

It’s a good thing that San Diego gastropub Craft & Commerce already has a great reputation, because they’ve recently decided to play recordings of the bad reviews that the restaurant gets on Yelp! on speakers…in their bathrooms. As it is, it’s a great way to stick it to the inanity of Yelp.

“The thing about Yelp is, I’ve seen great restaurants get only 3.5 stars,” owner Arsalun Tafazoli told the San Diego Downtown News. “Take Momofuku in New York. It’s rated as one of the 10 best restaurants in the world by experts, but it only has 3.5 stars on Yelp.” With this logic, Craft & Commerce’s four-star rating on Yelp should make it technically better than Momofuku, right? Duh, of course not! Everybody knows this.

Though he takes negative reviews seriously, Tafazoli considers this a coping mechanism to deal with Yelp’s tendency for overdramatic statements.“We read every review and there will be terms like ‘shocked,’ and ‘appalled,’ and people will say how we ruined their week,” Tafazoli elaborated. “It’s almost Shakespearean, like we kidnapped their first child and held it for ransom. This is from a person who’s paying 12 bucks for a burger.”

We’d love to know if they actually got Shakespearean actors to read these reviews. There was a project like this one earlier this summer, but Ian McKellen reading a bad Yelp! review would make us die.

[San Diego Downtown News via Huffington Post]

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