Restaurant that Invented Tiramisu to Close Thanks to Italy’s Terrible Economy

Out of all the countries lingering in economic malaise, Italy is having the least fun (except maybe for Spain). How bad is it in Italy? Welp, 42% of the nation’s youth is unemployed, the GDP blows, and the restaurant that invented tiramisu is going to shutter.  It’s that bad.

Translating an article from the original Italian, Quartz reported that Le Beccherie, the iconic restaurant that invented tiramisu, doesn’t attract enough customers to justify its overhead, and will be forced to close at the end of the month. “There has been a fall in the number of customers,” owner Carlo Campeol, whose grandfather founded Le Beccherie in 1939, told Corriere della Serra. “We’ve lost politicians, businesspeople, and members of the general public.”

The closing of Le Beccherie is only the latest restaurant casualty of the slumping Italian economy: according to Quartz, 60,000 restaurants have been forced to close since the start of the euro crisis, and more people are eating pizza than ever (because it’s so damn cheap).

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