Boston Dinner Series Pairs Local Talent With National Superstars

Boston, sweet, dirty water Boston (you’re my home!) is about to get really classy. The folks behind Imbibe and Inspire, in partnership with the gastropub JM Curley, are launching a dinner series called Revelry for Charity. The series will not only benefit the underprivileged and underserved, but will also hopefully bring style and grace to Boston’s legendary grodyness. (I kid because I love you, Boston.)

Each month for the next year, the dinner series will pair one prominent Boston chef with a nationally-known chef, who will then cook a six-course dinner for one night only. First up: Jamie Bisonnette of Boston’s celebrated Toro, and Top Chef/Magnolia 610’s Edward Lee.

While we appreciate that someone is celebrating Boston’s culinary talent (which is, admittedly, buried under a pile of spukies and beer-soaked Red Sox hoodies), we will only declare this a coup if Top Chef’s Kristen Kish is involved in any way. Seriously, Kristen, we hear tell that across the nation, every perfectionist Asian girl in high school has a huge ladycrush on you.

Imbibe & Inspire and jm Curley Present: Revelry For Charity from mycameraeatsfood on Vimeo.

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