WATCH: Richard Blais Can’t Get Through His Dramatic YouTube Show Without Cracking Up

It’s early, but we’re going to go ahead and call it: Richard Blais is the Jimmy Fallon of Tasted. His uber-produced, flashy, dramatic sound effect-laden web series Burger Lab With Richard Blais premiered on YouTube this week, and it seems like the creative team forgot a crucial Blaisian character trait: his inner monologue, which often becomes an outer monologue as a result of a fine blend of neuroses.

He’s really great about taking a burger very seriously with his serious face, but as soon as he says something like “Blaised” or the words “ass” and “burger” next to each other, he totally loses it in fits of giggles. And a show format exists where that kind of thing would work and look super charming. But amidst risky camera angles and that damned Top Chef knife sound, it just looks like he’s constantly dropping character.

Also, who would cook a burger that big?

Looks delicious, though. Check out “The Smoking Gun Burger” episode of Burger Lab With Richard Blais below.

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