WATCH: Richard Blais Does His Best To Quell Dr. Oz’s Zany Restaurant Paranoia

We’re almost positive the roles are supposed to be switched here, but poor Richard Blais spent most of appearance on The Dr. Oz Show attempting to debunk The Doctor’s insane, germophobic, and completely paranoid restaurant fears. Homeboy has watched one too many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, eaten at one too many buffets in the middle of nowhere, and pissed off one too many diner employees. Only under these circumstances could one person be so completely terrified of restaurant health concerns that stopped being relevant in the 1990s. Anthony Bourdain himself has said that none of the stuff he wrote about in Kitchen Confidential still happens.

(That said, never eat at the Panini Express at JFK.) Do, however, watch parts one, two, and three of Blais trying desperately trying to reason with him below.

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