WATCH: Richard Blais Brings Some Friends To Burger Lab, Tosses Them In Hot Oil

Burger Lab is back for Season Two, and, while Richard Blais heard your criticism of the show’s overly epic effects, he’s politely chosen to ignore you and carry on twofold.

On its first episode of the new season (and on a new set!), Burger Lab tackles a Spicy Po’ Boy Muffaletta Burger with a preposterous number of toppings. Of course, crawfish are vital to the process, and Blais only works with the freshest ingredients. Did he need to befriend those ingredients, making them seem cuddly and sweet, like they were going to be our beady-eyed little sous chefs, only to chuck them live into hot oil? Probably not. But he did.

Check out the episode in its entirety below, and DO NOT form emotional attachments to the crawfish, even though they seem like friendly pets.

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