Here’s Richard Blais Looking On Like a Proud Papa As the Newest Top Chef Judge

Whoa, time for the newest Boston season of Top Chef already? We’re kicking our feet in glee.

Richard Blais makes his first appearance as a judge on Top Chef (clip over at People) aloneside Padma Lakshmi, where he looks more like a friendly mentor than cruel judge. (No Joe Bastianich death stare yet.) “Being on Top Chef was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do — twice,” he tells the newbie cheftestants. “But the rewards are enormous.”

We also get previews of the cheftestants: the sous chef at Michael Voltaggio’s Ink restaurant, a fellow Atlanta chef, a former “World’s Best Young Chef,” and Mike Isabella’s business partner. And oh yeah, a sudden death quickfire right off that bat! Yeah, someone’s going home.

Head over to People for the full sneak peek; the season starts October 15.


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