Richard Blais Unveils Genius Plan To Forage For NYC Pigeons To Make Top Chef Kitchen Squab

Richard Blais traveled back to his native New York from Atlanta a couple of weeks ago to run the New York City Marathon and serve his stint in Top Chef Kitchen, the pop-up restaurant starring various beloved Top Chef-testants. Unfortunately, Richard’s plans were somewhat derailed when the Marathon was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. But, he stuck around for Top Chef Kitchen, even if one of his creative blossoms was nipped in the bud.

“Well, I mean my inspiration was, again, as a native New Yorker, I wanted to have some fun with some ingredients and express myself as an artist. So, ‘New York City Pigeon’ was a joke, but obviously, it didn’t go over very well. I was NOT going to forage and harvest pigeon downtown or anything like that. But I was going to serve it with bread crumbs and bring out a park bench. (I wasn’t going to bring out a park bench.) But I like my food to be somewhat experiential, but that didn’t work, so we’re doing ‘Long Island Duck’ which is obviously a similar taste to pigeon or squab.”

Are we the only ones disappointed that this didn’t play out as conceptualized? Squab with breadcrumbs and perhaps a small replica of a park bench constructed out of shoestring frites or something? Who did this not go over well with? Spike’s mom?


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