WATCH: Richard Blais’ Wife Smokes Him At The Shooting Range on Life After Top Chef

Well, at least last night’s episode of Life After Top Chef explained Richard Blais’ irrational assassination paranoia. Turns out his wife Jazmin is quite the marksman. She also never seems to be featured on the show in anything less than a state of Pissed At Her Husband. We’d watch our backs, too, if we were near our frustrated wife and guns.

On last night’s LATC, Richard takes Jazmin to a shooting range for her birthday, when the (very lovely) diaper bag he bought her for her first gift didn’t really seem to impress. Little did any of us know that she’s an impeccable shot. Richard fears she’s imagining the targets with fauxhawks. We see a glint of Ottavia Bourdain-crazy in her eye and know instantly what Blais is in for.

He admits he isn’t much of a gun guy, but plays along, lest he be emasculated by his tiny wife. Not only is she a better shot, but she’s also way better at handling machine guns. Check out the clip (ooh, puns!) below.

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