WATCH: Sneak Peek Of New Web Series, The Burger Lab With Richard Blais

Dramatic music befitting an epic historical drama. Enormous, well-lit burger creations. Actor/singer/songwriter Chester See singing about the aforementioned burgers. Brock “The Man of a Kajillion Voices” Baker. The Top Chef knife-slash sound effect. Comedian sportscasters The Sklar Brothers. YouTube sensaish Tay Zonday. And, of course, Richard Blais committing such Blaisian acts as smashing a burger frozen in liquid nitrogen to pieces and using the word “interwebs” with painful sincerity.

All this and more from Richard’s new YouTube series The Burger Lab With Richard Blais, airing on Tasted, which is slowly but surely becoming the Top Chef Graveyard of YouTube channels.

Check out a sneak peek of Burger Lab below.

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