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Rick Bayless Plans Totally Serious Dinner Circus Revamp

If you’re not familiar with Rick Bailamos’ dinner theater production, Cascabel (which ran for six weeks last fall through Lookingglass Theater in Chicago, and in conjunction with a three-course meal at Frontera Grill), it was a circus show that starred Bayless himself (yes, doing his own circus stunts), wooing an appetite-less woman with food in a Mexican boarding house. The audience of 150 was served three courses cooked by Rick as the actors on stage were eating them in the story. Taste-o-vision? Something like that.

Tickets to the show cost around $200, and Rick had to bust his team’s collective butt to get 150 upscale plates out in a three-and-a-half minute time frame. But, the man has caught the acting bug and is, in fact, considering a revival.

“We wrote it, we produced it, it was a great hit,” he told The Daily Meal. “But now we’re all thinking, ‘Oh it would be better, if we did this, did that.'”

The reboot would be autobiographical and serve a much smaller audience of 30-40 people. Explains Rick:

“I’ve been doing a bunch of writing, sort of personal history writing…Every chapter of this thing I’m working on is focused on this dish and how this dish really sums up a certain part of my life, so I would like to tell a story of my life essentially in a five- or six-course meal. And each dish would have something in it that’s really about me personally, how I got to be the person that I am.”

As long as his infamous mole has a significant amount to do with how he got to be a person, we sign off on this masterpiece theater.

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