How Do You Spend $69,000 On Lunch At The Olympics?

By buying a bottle of Hennessy 1853, according to an anonymous person on Reddit. He posted the above photo to the social networking site’s r/Olympics forum, claiming he’d received the photo from a friend who was a waiter. “This is a receipt from lunch for 15 Olympic bosses,” he wrote. “Now we see where all the money’s going…”

Yes, £44,660 (or $69,000) is a lot of money. Everyone else thinks so, but too bad that the original poster deleted his account after someone pointed out that he could get his friend fired for posting the receipt online, much like that time someone did the same thing to Peyton Manning.

Best comment at Reddit: “Ordering a bottle of 1853 Hennesy [sic] for LUNCH though is pretty much the most ballsiest thing i have ever seen.”

Our comment: That’s nothing. You could only buy one three-hour dinner with President Obama with that amount of money — though, in dollars, that would be one and three fourths of an Obama.

[Reddit via Eater]

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