WATCH: Ohmagerd, This Little Japanese Girl Eating World Cuisine Is The Cutest

Via the lovely folks at Buzzfeed comes Rino, a three-year-old Japanese girl who challenges the concept of picky eating as a social construct, all while having the chubbiest, cutest little babyface we have ever seen, oh yes we have.

Rino is the star of a YouTube series in which her mother cooks dishes from around the world, then presents them to her daughter, who eats them all with adorable three year old gusto. The breadth of cuisine, however, is astonishing: Rino excitedly eats everything from American angel food cake and tiramisu, to pad thai and bibimbap. (Also, giant prawns!)

Someone else can have the discussion about self-imposed limitations on food leading to culinary epistemic closure. (Paging Andrew Zimmern!) We’re gonna attempt to contain our squeals at the cute widdle booj eating the cute, widdle buche de noel.

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