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Robert Sietsema Praises Eater’s ‘Strict Ethical Standards’

Robert Sietsema and Eater are in that really adorable early phase of new BFFship, you guys. Robert Sietsema + Eater = 4eva, if you catch our drift. They might go out and get matching tattoos next week — unconfirmed! Said Sietsema of his new employers, who scooped him up just last week after he was sacked from The Village Voice:

“They liked one aspect of what I’d been doing at the Voice. They have a very interesting mix of things, dovetailing with real estate. In the field of what I do, which is kind of detecting outsider cuisine, 99% of the restaurants in the city are not covered and that’s kind of my natural beat. They looked upon that as a chance to expand. They are also one of the few websites that have very strict ethical requirements. They do not pretend to be reviewing restaurants.”

He makes a fair point. The site announced with his hiring to reassure readers: “Eater has never had a food critic, so Sietsema’s pieces will not be reviews.”

But does Robert Sietsema think that blogs are a bastion of independence and editorial freedom? Because they aren’t quite the YouTube to Print Media’s evil corporate Network TV. We should know. We peddle trash all the time.

But we look forward to watching the couple’s love bloom like a fragrant rose. To many happy years together!

[The Jew & The Carrot h/t Grub Street]

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