Critic Robert Sietsema ‘Unceremoniously’ Fired From The Village Voice

One moment, Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema’s going about his daily life, writing stories about eating bugs. But soon after he tweeted that story, he learned that this piece about burgers would be his last: this morning, the accoladed, James Beard Award-winning writer fell victim to the latest round of layoffs, along with two other longtime Voice journalists.

Although two editors quit last week after they refused to lay off a quarter of their newsroom, it seems that their sacrifice wasn’t enough to keep Sietsema, as well as theater critic Michael Feingold and society columnist Michael Musto, from being cut. Gawker reports that two executives from the Voice’s parent company flew in to handle the dismissals.

Sietsema’s firing follows a disturbing trend of newspapers laying off restaurant critics (Eater’s been tracking their layoffs here), and the twenty-year veteran of the confirmed to them that he was, in his own words, “unceremoniously shit canned!” We wish him all the best, and in the meantime, we’re going to go cry in a closet about the downfall of American journalism, BRB.

[Eater, Gawker]

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