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Roberta’s Bees Are Escaping Nightly To Terrorize Bushwick

Presumably, chefs at Roberta’s prefer to season with locally sourced honey, just like Michelle Obama. And what honey could be more local than that sourced from your very own rooftop beehive? The only problem is, at night, the bees escape the hive, and lazily terrorize the restaurant’s Bushwick neighbors.

A tipster told Gothamist:

It’s becoming a straight up safety hazard to walk down Moore Street at night. Hundreds of bees can be found buzzing around each building’s outdoor lights, and crawling across the sidewalk. Not sure if they are sick, or confused, but they are not aggressive. They move slowly and almost act as if they’re drunk.

It’s like a bee minefield on my block once the sun goes down. Everyone is scared they might start attacking their dogs, or obviously us humans too. In the morning, piles of dead bees can be seen on the sidewalk. The first night we noticed the bees, two somehow got into our apartment! And they’ve been found in our building’s entryway as well.

Well, first of all, those bees are obviously stoned, not drunk. Second of all, are bees nocturnal? Third of all, bees are fucking terrifying. BEES.


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