A $700 Leather Mesh Tank Top? Just Stop It, Roberta’s

Look — we were all jazzed about your cookbook, OK Roberta’s? But our love can only go so far. And it really can’t be extended to a $700 leather version of Hannah’s ill-fated neon mesh shirt on GIRLS. WE CAN ONLY BE SO BROOKLYN.

Today in “more reasons to disdain Bushwick and Brooklyn as a whole,” Roberta’s released a collaboration shirt thingy with Love Leather. Fine and good, but why a leather. mesh. tank. top.? We love Roberta’s pizza as much as a person, but not enough to put it on a shirt that will expose our nips. Who can expose their nips on a regular enough basis for this shirt to pay off? Or, better yet, can afford to spend $700 to let your pizza-covered nips hang out?

But really, we give all the credit to Gothamist, who put it so perfectly.

But the most truly wretched thing about the $700 LMTT isn’t merely its existence—it’s that it’s sold out. This means one of two things: Either real people, with real feelings and desires and skin, are walking around out there dressed in the most obnoxious clothing item since the pantaloon, or we’ve all fallen victim to some terrible mind game. Did the LMTT ever exist at all, or, like Milk Girl, is it just baiting us?

Well said. We’d say go get one, but they are indeed still sold out — and also, just don’t.


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