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Roberta’s Pizza Cart Celebrates Fashion’s Night Out With ‘Diane Von Fungusberg’ Slice

Did you know that famed secret-weed-tasting-menu-hawkers Roberta’s has a pizza pop-up cart open every day for two months in the Urbanspace Meatpacking Market? It features the brick-and-mortar resto’s signature Margarita, SpeckenWolf, and Bee Sting slices, along with a daily seasonal special, which changes based on what the chefs find that morning in the Union Square Greenmarket.

Yesterday, that oh-so-special slice was dedicated to New York Fashion Week’s citywide kick-off party known as Fashion’s Night Out. Behold: the Diane Von Fungusberg slice. (Sidenote: oof, poor Diane.)

The pizza in her likeness was topped with mozzarella, cotija, oregano, mushroom, kale, and pickled red onion. Not a ton of fungus going on, but we suppose there are only so many ways to immortalize the Council of Fashion Designers of America president with food.

We’d wonder aloud if anyone from House of Furstenberg tried the pie, but we don’t really have to remind you about how well fashion and food go together, do we?

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