Robicelli’s Crowdfunds Oklahoma Relief Efforts, Blasts The Red Cross As ‘MIA’


Although Robicelli’s got legendarily rained out of GoogaMooga last weekend (leading to a furious Twitter rant of barely repressed, justifiable rage), there’s still charity in Allison Robicelli’s heart to fundraise for Team Rubicon, a disaster relief group, immediately after yesterday’s devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma City.

But why raise $35,000 to feed Team Rubicon? According to her fundraising page on “Operation: Starting Gun,” Robicelli praised the team of US veterans, specifically trained to respond to disasters, for immediately assisting New Yorkers and her bakery after Hurricane Sandy — unlike the Red Cross:

We urge you to donate to them rather than the Red Cross, who was MIA in the days after Sandy, took weeks to appear in certain neighborhoods, closed food and heating stations during holidays and other times, and are not transparent with where your donations are going.  Team Rubicon not only give an emergency situation the blood sweat and tears it warrants, but they also keep an open financial policy that leaves them accountable to donors, and is dedicated to making sure your dollars go to helping people rather than paying for fancy offices, executive salaries, or television ads.

See, this is what crowdfunding should be used for — supporting charity relief efforts by people with experience, training, and low overhead, not raising millions for the new Garden State or $200K to buy an alleged video of a Toronto mayor smoking crack. (…Okay, there’s something anarchic and hilarious about crowdsourcing a crack video.)

Robicelli’s already surpassed her $1,000 goal in less than 12 hours, but Team Rubicon itself still has a ways to go. A link to their fundraising page is below.

[Team Rubicon]

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