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WATCH: Rocco DiSpirito Endorses Ridiculous Citrus-Sprayer

Remember those Tropicana commercials that inevitably inspired you to stick a straw in an orange and try to drink out of it? Well, it never worked and we’re pretty sure this citrus spray nozzle you jam directly into the fruit for an even spritz of juice doesn’t either. But Rocco DiSpirito is still hawking it on Twitter. We’d think he was kidding, except his Twitter feed is woefully unironic.

“Don’t cut and squeeze a lemon for its juice ever again! This nozzle sprays juice straight from the fruit!” he tweets with a link.

How convenient! Yeah, but then you watch the video and are left to wonder what exactly it is Rocco is smoking over there in his plush Meatpacking District loft. Is this real life? This can’t possibly work, right? At least not for more than a few spritzes. Although, we are intrigued by the idea of carrying a prepped one around in our purse in lieu of pepper spray. So much more environmentally friendly, right? It’s a food product, essentially!

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