Rocco DiSpirito And Cookie Monster Team Up At The New York Public Library

America’s favorite muppet Rocco DiSpirito and culinary bad boy Cookie Monster will take the New York Public Library by storm on August 3rd to get married take part in a carb summit. What is a carb summit, exactly?

It’s unclear, but it’s apparently somehow a cooking demo for healthy eating habits.

“Me cannot wait to meet Rocco and learn his secret to making healthier versions of me favorite food, cooooookies,” says Cookie Monster. “Me going to ask chef Rocco if his cookies are a ‘sometimes food’ or an ‘anytime food.’ If me no like Rocco’s cookies, maybe me can consume Library books instead, me hear they good source of fiber. Oh boy, oh boy! Me so excited!”

We so excited, too, Cooks!

Rocco added, “My goal is to prove, especially to children, that healthy food can be delicious, even cookies. If Cookie Monster likes my cookies — it’s case closed.”

No, but really, we’re totally stoked about this. If the Top Chef: All-Stars episode where the Sesame Street gang showed up to judge a Quick Fire Challenge taught us anything, it’s that 1 — their palates are extremely discerning, and 2 — they’re snarky-as-all-get-out food critics. (“TMI, Padma.”)

Watch out, Rocco. Also, for next time, NYPL, we’d like Wylie Dufresne and Telly to do a demo, please and thank you.


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