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WATCH: Rocco DiSpirito Goes All Eat, Pray, Love On Us, Faces Off With Italian Nonnas

In a new web-only spinoff of Now Eat This!, a.k.a Rocco’s Next Chapter, wayward prodigy Rocco DiSpirito has, we think, decided to Find Himself by traveling the rustic countrysides of Italy, leaving New York City and its alleys full of haters behind him, and learning the centuries-old cooking techniques of Sorrento nonnas. Of course, this being Rocco DiSpirito, he’ll be reinventing the granny’s recipes in under-350 calorie iterations, because old habits die hard. We hope that Rocco goes on a journey of self-discovery, tapping into his inner goddess of bounty and love, returning to New York a changed man, and maybe getting back to that purported “being a culinary genius” thing.

Celebrity math: Bobby Flay + Julia Roberts = this show? Probskies. We aren’t great at maths or else we’d add fractions of Vinny Guadagnino’s show and some of the home-cook showdown that Adam Richman is bringing to NBC. So, let’s still with Flay and Roberts for now.

Now Eat This: Italy premieres next week on

Now Eat This! Italy With Rocco DiSpirito Sizzle Reel


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