WATCH: Rocco DiSpirito Defends The Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Andy Cohen and Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards stepped up to co-host Anderson Live today to fill in for Anderson Cooper while he’s reporting live from Gaza, and Rocco DiSpirito joined them for a quick Thanksgiving disaster preparedness demo. The three common Thanksgiving dinner blunders he tackled were burnt stuffing (solution: scrape off the burnt part and mix in a little canned cream of mushroom soup to re-moisten), overcooked bird (solution: slice very thinly and simmer in gravy to re-moisten…there’s a lot that re-moistening fixes on T-gives, you guys), and emergency cranberry sauce (solution: take any berry, any sweetener, and any sour condiment, mix, and serve). But we were most shocked by his pro-bacon-wrapped turkey stance.

“I think wrapping anything or anyone in bacon is a good idea. There is no improper use of bacon,” he decreed.

Remember when Anthony Bourdain thought he might be the up-and-comingest chef in New York?

Check out the clip below.

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