WATCH: Rocco DiSpirito Reenacts Ghost With Julie Chen And Pasta Filling

You know that iconic scene from Ghost where shirtless Patrick Swayze comes up behind undead Demi Moore while she’s at the pottery wheel in a fit of insomnia, and guides her hands through a really sexy vase-making sesh to “Unchained Melody” that ends in not-vase-making?

Oh, you know, that fantasy you occasionally play out in your head, except instead of Patrick Swayze, it’s Chris Cosentino, and instead of clay, it’s meat that you’re butchering together? YES. That one.

Okay, well Rocco DiSpirito and Julie Chen kind of played it out together on The Talk this afternoon, except with unquestionably the least sexy medium of the three: cannelloni filling. Clarification: low-fat cannelloni filling. Ugh, way to kill the mood, Rocco.

Yes, he appeared on the show to demo figure-friendly recipes from his cookbook Now Eat This: Italian. But, if it makes you feel any better, his pasta and filling are low-fat enough that you’ve “earned” a little pancetta in your Brussels sprout side dish. …Okay, fine, he’s back in the game. (Also, if he ever huskily whispered “Don’t be scared, I’m a professional” in Ruth Bourdain’s direction, we’d have a fit.)

Check out the clip below.

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