Romney Campaign Lists $500 Chick-Fil-A Bill As A ‘Meeting Expense’

Mitt Romney stayed conspicuously mum during the Chick-fil-A Anti-Gay Marriage Clustercluck a few weeks ago, offering only when asked to weigh in, “Those are not things that are part of my campaign.”

He’s maintaining his silence during the final few tricky months of campaigning, and, while he refrained from making any appearances or other big shows of support on Mike Huckabee’s so-called “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” August 1st, a hefty Chick-fil-A tab popped up days before linked with the Romney Campaign.

A $500 Chick-fil-A bill was listed as a “meeting expense” in Romey’s monthly campaign filings at the end of July. So. Much. Chicken sandwich and waffle fries. How many meals could that even have been? We’re not mathematicians, but are Chick-fil-As equipped to serve that many meals at once without the warning of an impending Appreciation Day?

On the one hand, let’s all say it together now: BUSTED. On the other hand, major props to Chick for turning out that much chicken. Also, if corporations are people, does this mean Mittens just gifted Dan Cathy $500?

Also, also, is a photo of this receipt somewhere on Rich Kids of Instagram?

[New York Daily News]

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