WATCH: The Romneys Play The Newlywed Game on Rachael Ray, Are Just Like You

Today’s leg of the Ann and Mitt Romney Just Like You Tour found them visiting The Rachael Ray Show to plug Ann’s new cookbook-memoir The Romney Family Table, and double-team the kitchen, demoing a recipe which involved cherry cola, chipotle peppers, and pork tacos. (Mitt poured the soda. That was his job.)

But they also played a super-cute-squared version of Rachael’s “Not-So Newlywed Game” (forty-five years in March and Mittens is still attracted to his taffeta blazer-dress clad wifey, holla!) in which we learned more than we ever needed to know about The Romcoms.

For example: Ann Romney’s celebrity crush, Mitt’s most annoying habit, and the location of their first, eventual-five-offspring-producing kiss. Oh, no, we wouldn’t dream of spoiling any of this for you. You’ll have to check out the clip below to learn the answers.

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