Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson Need $10K to Make Loco’l Happen


Get on the crowdsourcing wave, people!

We got so excited about another restaurant opening that we forgot about our fast-food darling. After announcing an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the fast-food restaurant loco’l, Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson have just 66 hours (at publication) to make it happen. The campaign is currently at a little more than $90,000, but needs to raise an additional $10 G’s to make it to its $100,000 fundraising goal.

So if you don’t donate, THIS IS WHAT YOU’LL BE MISSING OUT ON.

Choi has been expressing all sorts of gratitude for all things loco’l on Twitter.

Besides, if you donate, you may get to just hang with Rene Redzepi.

(JK, but only a little. That’s probably a secret prize in the Indiegogo campaign.)

Nevertheless, Eater notes that loco’l will be a reality regardless. Choi and Patterson have two spaces set for loco’l; one in San Francisco, and one in Los Angeles.

[Indiegogo h/t Eater, Twitter]

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